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I'm an independant senior software development consultant, working mostly in the area of integration using Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows Communication Foundation and .NET.

Introducing RockBus: Durable Content Based Routing in WCF

Recently, I published a new project on codeplex called RockBus. It’s a .NET based publish/subscribe and/or content based routing framework that allows for the following functionalities: * Full support for WCF and it’s protocols, extensibility, etc. * Durable message delivery using … Continue reading

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Generic Message Contract and Transaction Flow in WCF

OK, this one had me fistpumping (in the air!) for quite some time. Short introduction. For my upcoming session at the Sela Developer Practice, I’m developing a demo that involves durable content based routing with MSMQ and WCF. I was … Continue reading

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WcfTestClient: The namespace ” already contains a definition for ‘…’

While using the WcfTestClient, I received the error message displayed in the title. It turned out that in my case, I was using colons in the namespaces of my wcf service, like so: [ServiceContract(Namespace=“urn:SomeName::SomeMoreNames”)] public interface IXxx [OperationContract(Action = “urn:SomeName::SomeMoreNames”)] … Continue reading

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Asynchronous transactions and propagation in WCF

I was recently looking into implementing a transactional WCF service asynchronously, and ran into the fact that asynchrony and transactions don’t mix … easily. I also found that there weren’t that many samples of asynchronously implemented transactional WCF services out … Continue reading

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Map Request to Response in BizTalk Server

Consider the following scenario: You need to receive a message into BizTalk Server, and send an acknowledgement back to the sender (probably using a Request-Response port). The response is trivial, it’s similar to a void response in WCF, or containing … Continue reading

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Sela Developer Practice samples

Yesterday 29-12-2009 we presented at the Sela Developer Practice in a session on the BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0 and the Windows Azure platform AppFabric .NET ServiceBus. We demonstrated some samples, which are available in this post. The first sample involves … Continue reading

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Debatching, aggregation and resequencing using the BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0 and ESB.Extensions

The ESB.Extensions framework is out!! You can download it here. The ESB.Extensions builds on top of the ESB Toolkit 2.0, and thus requires BizTalk Server 2009. The ESB.Extensions contains a number of services, that are itinerary-aware: ReceivePipelineService, SendPipelineService, ResequencerService and ResequencerGoService. … Continue reading

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