About me

I’m a senior software development consultant, working mostly in the area of application or system integration using BizTalk Server, Windows Communication Foundation and .NET. You can find my LinkedIn profile here.


2 Responses to About me

  1. Hello how are you?
    First congratulations for the RockBus.
    I am with some doubts, and I want to validate that the RockBus can help me.
    At the moment I own a system that calls for printing a report to another WCF Service.
    That will change. The system will ask for another service that needs a report, this service does not know how to print the report, then it will trigger a message to other services, and who knows how to sue this report.
    Basically it is a pub / sub, but never as tarbalhei with this type of communication would validate that the RockBus can help me.
    Thank you for your attention

    • Hi Marcio,

      From what I understand from your comment, I assume you will have (at least) two services, one that will generate the report, and one that will print the report (correct me if I’m wrong). This scenario could definitely be implemented by using RockBus:
      1) A message (trigger) should be published to RockBus to indicate that a report should be generated.
      2) The report-generating service, which has a subscription to that message, receives the message, generates the report, and publishes the report to RockBus.
      3) The report-printing service, which has a subscription to that report, receives the report, and prints it.

      Of course, I do not know anything about your particular scenario (message sizes, timings, etc.), but the above scenario is definitely possible.

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