Sela Developer Practice samples

Yesterday 29-12-2009 we presented at the Sela Developer Practice in a session on the BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0 and the Windows Azure platform AppFabric .NET ServiceBus. We demonstrated some samples, which are available in this post.

The first sample involves using BizTalk to publish messages on the .NET ServiceBus using the NetEventRelayBinding. The information, published by BizTalk, is retrieved from the yahoo finance website. This part of the demo was inspired by Kent Weare’s blog on consuming the Yahoo finance webservice from BizTalk. After transforming the csv file format, provided by the yahoo finance webservice, it’s published on the .NET ServiceBus and consumed by a console application client.

The second sample involves duplex communication using the NetTcpRelayBinding. It’s amazing to see that sessionful duplex can be performed accross the .NET ServiceBus. Hope you enjoy!


About Bram Veldhoen

I'm an independant senior software development consultant, working mostly in the area of integration using Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows Communication Foundation and .NET.
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