Promoted property bug in XmlDisAsm component?

I have just uploaded a bug report (#477852 on Microsoft Connect) regarding a fairly specific scenario using the XmlReceive pipeline. It involves having an envelope and a document schema, in which the document schema contains an element (or attribute) that is promoted both as a distinguished AND as a promoted property. In this case, after processing by the XmlReceive pipeline, the property is only present in the message context as a distinguished property, and NOT as a promoted property. Some other people may have experienced this same issue:

I reproduced this behaviour both on a BizTalk Server 2009 deployment and in standalone mode with the ExecuteRecievePipelineStep, found in BizUnit 3.1. See the screenshots below.

Schema containing both promoted and distinguished property

Message Context missing the promoted property

For BizUnit ExecuteReceivePipelineStep intimi: I used test T_015, added both a distinguished and a promoted property to the Child1Attribute1 attribute (which is of type string) from schema0.xsd, and pointed it to promoted Property2 (which is of type string); then I ran the test. The screenshots above show that the promoted Property2 property isn’t there.

I have not tested this with the Flat File Disassembler pipeline components.

A workaround for this bug is to define the schema to only use the promoted property, and use the promoted property syntax from within your orchestrations.


About Bram Veldhoen

I'm an independant senior software development consultant, working mostly in the area of integration using Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows Communication Foundation and .NET.
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